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Premier Private Training ~ Encino CA 818-789-5553
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Premier Private Training ~ Encino CA 818-789-5553
Premier Private Training ~ Encino CA 818-789-5553



Thinking about hiring a Personal Trainer? If it’s crossed your mind, but you’re still not sure whether it’s an investment you want to make, you might want to take a closer look. Amazingly, some of these reasons will actually save you time and money.

  1. Avoiding Injury…Knowing how to properly workout may seem academic because we’ve all done some sort of physical activity since we were kids right? The problem is that things have changed a lot since our days of youth. The Equipment/machines are more complicated and more specific, exercises that were once thought to be cornerstones are now big “no, no’s” , and with all the magazines showing functional/core exercises through diagram are often
    misconstrued and inaccurately recommended for “everybody”. The fact is, everyone’s body has changed since our more flexible bendable younger days. Most gyms just put out equipment/machines that everyone with a membership can use, however every person’s body is built a little differently than the next and can easily get injured using something wrong or using something that shouldn’t be used at all depending on a person’s muscle tightness/weakness, previous injuries, or just the fact that the machine is just not made conducive to proper human anatomy. A qualified and experienced Personal Trainer will properly screen and evaluated each client to find out how that individual moves, analyzing which parts of the body are tight and weak and which exercises to stress and which ones to totally avoid. Gym related injuries can not only cause detriment to your body and kill motivation but can also hit you hard in the wallet due to doctor’s bills and physical therapy sessions..

  2. Avoiding Procrastination…How many times have you picked a certain week to start working out…say January 1st…and by February your 5 days per week workout has gone steadily downhill until the only reminder about your gym membership is when the automatic charge is billed to your credit card every month? Having a trainer will keep you from being the flaky
    procrastinating people we tend to be when it comes to doing something like working out. When you have an appointment you make a commitment not only to yourself but to another person. Doesn’t hurt that most trainer’s will charge for late cancelling in order to force you to be accountable for your health. Consistency is the #1 sure fire way to get results and keep them.

  3. Taking Away The Guesswork…The last thing anyone wants to do after a busy days work or first thing in the morning when the brain is barely operating is to have to think about what they are going to do at the gym and whether or not they are doing it right. Having a personal trainer eliminates the guesswork. Your trainer will have your workout planned to your specific goals
    and get you in and out of the gym as timely as possible. Nothing kills motivation in the gym faster than being confused or having to think about what to do once you get there, which brings us to our next reason.

  4. Staying Motivated…Your trainer will keep you motivated by keeping you going the whole hour. They will remind you where you need to improve and compliment you on the things you are doing well. But most of all they will keep your workouts fresh and challenging so that you will always be reaching new goals. We all work harder with someone pushing us!

  5. Getting Results. How many times have you started working out, only to fall off because you didn’t see the results you were looking for? This happens time and time again because a multiplicity of reasons stemming mostly from lack of proper execution or knowledge and a lack of consistency. If you’re training incorrectly and or inconsistently, then you’re probably not seeing results. Stop wasting that monthly membership fee for zero results and start spending a little bit more on a personal trainer for guaranteed and proven results!

  6. Dietary Guidance…Most Certified Personal Trainers are not Certified Dieticians. However, most experienced trainers have kept their bodies in terrific shape due to the fact that they have not only worked out consistently, but more importantly they eat right. Most trainers can adequately guide a client in the right direction due to the fact that they study proper nutrition constantly learning what and how certain foods affect the body. Trust me, if your trainer is in
    phenomenal shape, which he or she should be, they know how to help you setup up an eating game plan that will fit your lifestyle while still achieving the results you want. Not to mention this guidance is at no extra cost with your training.

  7. Sports Specific…Want to improve your golf game? Have another sport you want to improve while getting your body in peak condition? A lot of personal trainers are experienced in sports specific training, which can be a dual benefit to a pastime player or an extra edge to the competitive and professional athlete. Don’t be afraid to investigate whether or not a potential trainer specializes in what you’re looking for in your life. Core training and sports specific training is proven to increase performance at every sport on the planet! There isn’t a top pro athlete out there today lacking their very own personal trainer.

  8. Transitioning To Own Workout…Okay, so you like working out on your own? No problem. This is very commendable and should be. However, why not fill in all the gaps and update your routine to include some new moves you may be lacking? Getting a group of sessions for the person that likes learning and training on their own is done all the time. New exercise routines will invariably hit new muscle fibers, causing you to see more results while keeping the staleness out of your workout.
Premier Private Training ~ Encino CA 818-789-5553